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Since 1994 we, Babis and Janina are collecting and distilling herbs exclusively from wild populations in Crete, a place known since ancient times for the quality and diversity of its aromatic and medicinal plants. All our essential oils are wildcrafted by hand and distilled with the utmost care and respect for each plant...

On our site you will find a wealth of information about collection and distillation of wild aromatic plants, about the properties and uses of individual essential oils, beautiful pictures, as well as a webshop where you can buy our essential oils securely. Here you have the Unique Opportunity to buy your Essential Oils Directly from Us, the collectors of the herbs and the distillers of their oils.. without the interference of merchants, brookers or other middlemen..  Directly from the still to you..                                                            Explore the shop

The geography of Crete is largely mountainous and sub mountainous, and pretty wild except for some coastal areas and a few plateaus. We choose abundant populations of our herbs, situated in remote areas with a minimum chance of pollution, and all harvesting is done by hand.
We harvest, distill and bottle the essential oils ourselves. By having control and hands on each step of the process, from the field to the distillery, to analyses and bottling and distributing, we can offer you the spirit of defined wild plant populations, which have developed without the interference and aid of man, but were raised by nature itself and by the rule that the toughest survives. Plant populations that express the beauty and diversity of nature..

Here a short intro to our products:

-All our essential oils are exclusively from wild growing plant populations
-We cut all plant material by hand ourselves, we do not buy any plant material from third parties. Nor do we employ any paid workers, who might be indifferent to the spirit of the plants or the ethics of collection. However, friends sometimes join us for collection and distillation.
-We collect only the amount and parts which the plants are able to offer us, ensuring the populations survival and growth year after year. We do not kill a single plant to obtain its oil.
-Our distillation unit is entirely constructed of stainless steel, the final separator is a glass container. -Distillations are carried out at atmospheric pressure, at a temperature of typically 96-98°C in the most gentle way
-We distill each plant according to its specific requirements and maintain distillation until the plant material has given up all of its oil. This in contrast to commercial distilleries, which apply the shortest possible distillation times
-After distillation the oil is allowed to settle, then filtered, bottled and labeled by us

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Here on this site, we would like to share some information on our production, on distillation, on essential oils and their uses and introduce you to the wonderful aromatic nature of Crete. We are constantly updating these pages, and under news or whats happening now, you will be able to follow us when we collect, distill or just roam the beautiful Cretan wilderness.. so, bookmark this page and return once in a while...You are also very welcome to visit our blog at wildherbsofcrete.blogspot.com where you can follow our activities, leave comments and interact...


Babis Psaroudakis & Janina Sorensen