A very informative and serious website on essential oils, run by Tony Burfield a friend and collegue, is found at This site contains a wealth of information on the more serious aspects of essential oil production, legislation and adulteration. Cropwatch also issues periodical newsletters.

The AromaConnection Blog is dedicated to creating an international dialog surrounding the marketplace, politics, ecology, biology, conservation, horticulture, and science of the natural aromatics industry. It contains a lot of high quality information and is found at

Martin Watt's website offers a critical view on what he calls 'the hype in the aromatherapy trade', as he says 'Detested by the many con artists in this trade, and loved by a few caring therapists. That's good enough for me'. His website is found at , we add it here with his permission.


We only and exclusively collect and distill wild herbs...with one exception.. Our friends Gill and Derek cultivate organic lavender, mainly L. angustifolia and L. spica here in Crete. They do so with all their heart and soul. Just to see their plantation is a magic sight.. The plants are all cultivated in circles, Gill knows each of them, each individual and cares for them in a very personal and spiritual way. So, it is with a lot of joy, that we distill their handharvested crops for heir essenial oil every year..

You can visit their website, 'The Lavender Way' where you also can buy the oils, browse their photo albums and follow their activities..

They also have published some pictures of the last years distillations at our place here.. enjoy..!!!