Except for essential oils, we also produce dried herbs from wild growing herbs of Crete, such as Sage (S. pomifera), Thyme (T. capitatus), Oregano (O. vulgare), Rosemary (R.officinalis) and Savory (S.thymbra). See here for detailed information

We also produce soaps and shampoo, using our hydrolates, biological olive- and avocado oil and essential oils. We apply a cold production procedure, at a temperature of maximum 28°C in order to preserve the vitamins in the oils and the properties of the hydrolates, or flowerwaters and of the essential oils. More info here.

These products, along with our essential oils are available at our webshop , and at our shop and Cafe in Kallikratis.

We also send COD (cash on delivery, Με αντικαταβολή in Greek), but just within Greece.

Some of our products are also available at the following places..

In KASTELLI you can find some of our essential oils now at Sylvia and Michalis exceptionally beautiful shop "Bonsai and Art".. Except for a truly wonderful collection of bonsai trees, Michalis also recently has created some very beautiful ceramic aroma-lamps or vaporizers for our oils..This shop is absolutely worth a visit. Their website also is well worth looking  at , full of beautiful pictures.

Bonsai and Art, Trachilos, Kissamos

Tel. +30 28220 23573



In the village of KOUSES, Messara

there is the fantastic shop

       TO BOTANO

          Tel. +30 2892042295

Here Giannis Giannoutsos has a beautiful, unique shop offering a variety of herbs, herbal teas and spices from all over the world.. . We cannot remember having seen and experienced the like anywhere else lately..He also offers much more, such as Bach flower remedies, health supplements and natural cosmetics. One is always welcome for a cup of tea and a chat here, when we visited,we stayed two days...

Giannis offers our essential oils, soap and shampoo in his shop. You can visit his website at    



FINALLY, in KALLIKRATIS at our own place

We have been building a place far away from civilization, in the mountains of Sfakia, during the last years, a kind of retreat further into the wild nature of Crete, a place which in time will host our destillery as well. So far the distillery is still situated in Modi near Chania. The village of Kallikratis is situated at an altitude of 750m over sealevel and can be reached from the north over Episkopi-Argiroupoli- Miriokefala or from the South from Frangokastello-Patsianos-Kapsodassos, from the southwest from Sfakia-Imbros-Asfendou and from the northwest from Vrisses-Askifou-Imbros-Asfendou. The most beautiful way, however, is to reach the village by the gorge of Kallikratis, a most beautiful E4 walking trek from the village of Patsianos to Kallikratis, a walk of about two and a half hours...

Should you come by by chance, you are welcome to stop by if we are there.. would you like to visit us specifically, however, its better to call one of us before (see 'contact' or check out the latest news of our activities on our blog), as we often will be out collecting or distilling...

Here we have made our own little shop and little cafe, and whenever we are here, it is open for anyone to come by, have a talk about our work, Cretan nature and plants, culture and generally meet us over a cup of tea, of coffee, a glas of wine, a raki...