How Often Should I Charge My Electric Car

I have noticed that i can often lower the charging rate from 32amps to say 15 amps during the night and still be at my desired 80 rate in the morning. Regular use of fast charging will cost you about 1 percent of capacity per year.

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For example if you avoid fast charging you may have 80 percent capacity after 10 years of normal use.

How often should i charge my electric car. If you have a battery electric car it s best to install a charging station in your garage or carport. We will continue to monitor the state of battery degradation as we collect more data. Long term this reduces the battery s longevity and tesla cars actually charge up to 90 by default.

But be prepared all electric cars take substantially longer to charge than it does to fill up with petrol or diesel. Please send a copy of your response to my e mail. That should mean that over six years based on the feedback we ve had from current electric cars owners you can expect that maximum range to fall to around 173 miles.

However if you charge it till 80 and discharge it fully till 0 you can expect to triple the cycles 3 000 before reaching the eol. Dahn s research clearly shows that frequent charges to 100 percent are detrimental to the li ion battery cells themselves. If the driver is covering many miles per journey the car will need charging more.

The charging game you should be playing with your batteries is one in which you charge simply to maintain the charge level between 70 90 percent after each day of use. For plug in hybrids many owners just stick with the 120 volt charging cords. For example if you decide to constantly fully charge a battery cell 100 and discharge it till 20 you can expect 1 000 cycles until reaching the eol.

When properly charged and in good working order a car battery will typically read at about 12 4 to 12 6 volts and have enough reserve capacity to power a 25a load for anywhere from nine to 15 hours. Electric car batteries should not generally be charged to 100. However if fast charging is your primary fueling method then your capacity would be 70 percent after 10 years.

Would this be a recommended way to charge. But if you re pressed for. Similar to a fuel powered car how often an electric car needs charging will depend on how much the car is used.

Slow chargers 3kw typically charge at up to 3 6kw hours although they are generally referred to as 3kw units. I charge my m3 almost exclusively on my home 240 v 32 amp charger which came with the car.

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