Electric Car Kwh Per Mile Uk

Electric car energy cost. If you have a cheaper fixed tariff then it s likely the cost to fill up your electric car.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Electric Car In The Uk Sust It

At close to 4 5 miles per kwh the ioniq is.

Electric car kwh per mile uk. Of course like any discussion of range and or economy whether in an electric vehicle or a car powered by an. Cost per mile of electric cars. Official range 144 miles test range 120 miles charge time fast charger 80 in 45 mins test cost 12p per mile.

The long range tesla model 3 capable of over 300 miles of range comes with a 75 kwh battery pack. The volkswagen e golf officially has a range of 144 miles but the company accepts publicly that in real world driving conditions that figure is closer to 120 miles. To work out the cost per mile to run an electric car you divide the cost of charging per mile by the range of the car.

The tesla model 3 comes out in company with the nissan leaf and renault zoe and all do very well with efficiency just below the magic 4 miles per kwh. Electricity cost of driving an electric vehicle for 200 miles with energy economy of 3 3mile per kilowatt hour and electricity cost of 0 12 per kilowatt hour kwh is equal to 7 27. The most efficient cars with the lowest energy consumption combined are.

If we round up the 4 92 charging cost for the renault zoe above and use the manufacturer s specified range 250 miles we get. Nissan leafs which have under 200 miles of range come in 40 kwh and 60 kwh variants. With the average uk electricity price sitting at around 14p per kwh and if you assume an electric car will travel 3 5 miles per kwh on average to travel 100 miles would cost around 4 or 4p per mile.

However a petrol car would cost around 10 or 10p per mile if fuel cost 1 24 per litre and we assume the uk s average new car fuel consumption in 2018 was 50 5 miles per gallon for petrol cars. 5 250 2p per mile. Hyundai ioniq electric 248 wh mile 154 wh km tesla model 3 standard range plus 251 wh mile 156 wh km.

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