Will Electric Car Batteries Be Recycled

First of all today s batteries aren t designed. Over half of us states require some form of battery recycling including california which has by far the largest rate of electric vehicle adoption.

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The good news is that these batteries are already highly recyclable.

Will electric car batteries be recycled. Batteries have a limited life for electric vehicles. Federal law only requires recycling of. Happily the answer is yes the batteries that power electric cars and hybrids for that matter can be recycled.

Modern electric car batteries are massive lithium ion batteries which are recyclable. To be able to recycle batteries to the scale that the growing electric vehicle market demands the industry will need to solve some key challenges. In either case the batteries that power electric cars can be recycled.

Car producers will be accountable for the collection and recycling. Auto consulting company csm worldwide predicts global electric car production will reach 289 000 units by 2015. None of the lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles are recyclable in the same sense that paper glass and lead car batteries are.

For decades the few electric vehicles that were on the road were powered by lead acid batteries. By 2025 it is estimated that about three quarters of spent electric batteries will be reused and then recycled to harvest raw materials. The latest models with their lighter weight and longer range use lithium ion batteries just like laptops and cell phones.

Umicore already recycles a limited number of lithium ion batteries at its pilot plant. Depending on the recycling process up to 100 of the lithium in the battery can be preserved. That means automakers and battery producers can profit from the same battery pack several times.

This won t happen with electric vehicles predicts marc grynberg chief executive of belgian battery and recycling giant umicore. Modern electric cars all use variations of lithium ion batteries which typically last at least 10 years before losing enough performance that some might consider replacing them. Although efforts to improve recycling methods are underway generally only around half the materials in these batteries is currently extracted and repurposed.

Most of the other battery components metals like copper and iron are also easy to recover regardless of the recycling process.

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