Electric Car Vs Petrol Car Cost

For the convenience of calculation let us consider the average petrol price to be rs 94 litre. 2 44 for regular and 3 11 for premium the mini requires the higher grade fuel.

Compare Electric Cars Vs Gas Cars Pros And Cons

For years electric vehicles or evs as they re now known were infamous for being too expensive and too impractical for everyday use.

Electric car vs petrol car cost. We will take 2 simple scenarios and calculate the cost of running an ev petrol car diesel car. As well as it being easy to find and cheap to buy petrol vehicles it s also a lot easier to find the services you need to keep them running too. As you can see the cost per unit of electricity is much lower than that of petrol.

Not only are the latest cars practical comfortable and safe they re also affordable. For gasoline costs we used the national average price of gas in february 2020. Which offers the best value.

Same way let us assume an average electricity cost per unit rs 10 for the calculation. A 2018 study from the university of michigan s transportation research institute found that electric vehicles cost less than half as much to operate as gas powered cars. Although electric cars go wrong less often than petrol cars they are also harder to find.

Cost of running an electric vehicle in india. To use the tool select an electric vehicle from our list of new or used plug in vehicles and select a petrol or diesel car that you would like to compare the ev with. Daily travel is 50 km b.

The average cost to operate an ev in the united states is 485 per year while the average for a gasoline powered vehicle is 1 117. With a massive saving of over 800 for choosing electric over petrol it s almost a no brainer. With a petrol vehicle though you can get work done just about anywhere and fuel for that matter too.

The journey cost calculator can be used to compare the costs of driving an electric vehicle on your typical journey with that of driving a petrol or diesel car. That means the electric version is around 34 more expensive than its petrol counterpart. In each case the lower cost of making journeys in the electric golf is plain to see.

Recharging an ev is 58 per cent cheaper than refuelling a petrol car but one area where petrols do tend to be cheaper though are insurance costs with electric cars 25 per cent more expensive to. Burns only has to pay 24 550 for the hyundai i30 1 4 t gdi trend dct. Choose the electric e golf though and the cost tumbles to 288 60 a saving of 803 40 over the petrol model and 725 40 over the diesel.

Calculation for 1 month assumptions. However today the ev landscape has changed beyond all recognition. Sparks has to pay about 33 000 for his hyundai ioniq electric trend at a dealership while mr.

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