Electric Car Efficiency Miles Per Kwh

For plug in vehicles mpg isn t the metric. That rating is on the car s epa fuel economy.

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Hyundai ioniq electric 248 wh mile 154 wh km tesla model 3 standard range plus 251 wh mile 156 wh km tesla model.

Electric car efficiency miles per kwh. The teslas do well on range and performance but are not particularly efficient with the model x at the bottom of the pile. A comprehensive overview of the most efficient electric vehicles. 7 27 electricity cost of driving an electric vehicle for 200 miles with energy economy of 3 3 mile per kilowatt hour and electricity cost of 0 12 per kilowatt hour kwh is equal to 7 27 the electricity cost per mile and electricity cost per kilometer calculation results cost per mile 0 04.

35 mpg 1 79 bmw i8. 0 100 9 9 sec. The actual all electric range is between 0 to 16 mi.

The ford focus ev is rated at 105 mpge or 32 kwh of electricity per 100 miles of travel. Let s say you have an electric motor rated at 200 kilowatts kw at peak power output. During the first 16 mi uses some gasoline.

The actual all electric range is between 0 to 33 mi. Hyundai kona electric 39 kwh 1572562800 1241 1239. Electricity and gasoline 15 mi.

The most efficient cars with the lowest energy consumption combined are. If you ran that motor for 30 minutes you would use 100 kwh of energy 200 multiplied by 0 5 of an hour. 32 mpg 1 83 audi a3 e tron.

Instead an electric car s energy consumption is measured in kilowatt hours per 100 miles kwh 100 miles. Quickest 0 100. Fuel economy in electric cars varies just as it does in gasoline models.

Electric car energy cost. Battery electric vehicle 42 kwh type 2 ccs suv b 5. Search and compare by range make model and price.

Electricity only 16 mi 83 mpg e 40 kwh 100 mi 1 49. The tesla model 3 comes out in company with the nissan leaf and renault. Top speed 155 km h.

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