Electric Cars Vs Gas Cars Emissions

Evs will become even cleaner as more electricity is generated by renewable sources of energy. Based on where evs are being sold in the united states today the average ev driving on electricity produces global warming emissions equal to a gasoline vehicle with a 68 mpg fuel economy rating.

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According to the union of concerned scientists ucs the full life cycle emissions of evs are now half 50 those of gasoline cars when driving in the u s.

Electric cars vs gas cars emissions. In fact electric cars now run at an average of 68 miles per gallon and are getting cleaner every year. The cost of operating an electric vehicle will already save you money of the life of the car. During the manufacturing stage you may be surprised to learn that electric vehicles actually create more emissions than gas powered vehicles.

The greenpeace transport environment report s research states that while phev manufacturers cite official test results showing co2 emissions averaging 44g per km they actually emit more like. Electric vehicles are already pretty affordable. Thus a car that is rated at 45 mpg for example will cost you less in terms of fuel than one with a rating of 25 mpg.

But that is not even close to reality. Many studies calculate meter to wheel efficiencies of electric vehicles of about 70 which compare favorably with the tank to wheel efficiencies of gasoline vehicles of about 22 i e evs are 3 2 times more efficient. The electricity that powers evs can come from a variety of sources.

As the cost of electric cars becomes the same as or less than existing vehicles the choice to go electric will be obvious. They found that in 53 out of 59 regions comprising 95 of the world electric vehicles and domestic heat pumps generate less carbon dioxide than fossil fuel powered cars or boilers. The life cycle emission is the total figure for the combined emissions of the three stages of a vehicle s life manufacturing operation and end of life.

Electric cars cost less compared to conventional gas vehicles each year. When that mix is taken into account charging a car generally creates less than half the carbon emissions compared to gasoline according to dunn. To compare emissions gas cars emit 157 pounds of co2 per million btus of energy consumed electric cars emit 65 of 117 pounds or about 76 pounds of co2 per million btus of energy consumed because the electric cars are powered 65 by co2 emitting fuel.

It s only when electricity comes from clean.

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